Brainstorming: LaBelle Combine Preparation

For this blog, I will try to divide my posts into certain categories so that people can follow what they choose.  I envision ‘Brainstorming’ as where I share my thought process and planning on specific projects.

For the era I am modeling, the FJ&G owned two combination coaches:  21 and 22.  21 was purchased secondhand from the Delaware Lackawanna & Western in 1916 (built in the late 1880s), and 22 was purchased new from Jackson and Sharpe in 1900.  Visually, the two are very close in appearance, and I am using the LaBelle HO-12 to model #21 first.  This kit is basswood with metal and plastic parts for certain details.  Here is a photo of the kit as completed by someone else.  I am using this model railroad forum thread as a guide, since he is using the HO-11 kit (coach version of the same car).

I plan on using CA+ glue to attach the pieces together.  My biggest question going into this is, should I paint all of the wood pieces before or after assembling them?  I am thinking of painting detail pieces separately before I attach them.  The painting method I plan on using to prevent warping the wood is to use acrylic paint, dip the brush in the paint, touch the brush to a used laundry sheet to remove most of the moisture, and then apply to the wood.  This was suggested by a hobby shop owner I spoke with.

I’ll be asking this on modeling forums before I move forward with the combine.

I started work on the DL&W hopper, but there is not much to show at this point.  I will post my progress with it tomorrow.



My connection to the Fonda Johnstown & Gloversville Railroad began in 2008.  Paul Charland released his recreation of the railroad from the 1950s, and I immediately became interested in its history, scenery, and operations.  As time has gone on, I have learned much about the prototype and the region.  In 2012, I visited the area for the first time to see the relics of this important shortline and came away feeling even more closely connected.

My goal for this blog is to document the creation of my dream layout:  the entire line from Fonda to Broadalbin in the 1950s.  Since I live in an apartment right now, my first layout will focus on Broadalbin.   I will also post about building rolling stock, painting, and scenery design as it relates to the project.

Since I have never built a train layout on my own before, this will be a process of learning and discovery.  I hope that this blog encourages people to try model railroading, help a fellow modeler out, and see what is involved for a novice to enter the world of model railroading.

Tomorrow, I will begin my first project:  a Delaware Lackawanna & Western hopper.