My connection to the Fonda Johnstown & Gloversville Railroad began in 2008.  Paul Charland released his recreation of the railroad from the 1950s, and I immediately became interested in its history, scenery, and operations.  As time has gone on, I have learned much about the prototype and the region.  In 2012, I visited the area for the first time to see the relics of this important shortline and came away feeling even more closely connected.

My goal for this blog is to document the creation of my dream layout:  the entire line from Fonda to Broadalbin in the 1950s.  Since I live in an apartment right now, my first layout will focus on Broadalbin.   I will also post about building rolling stock, painting, and scenery design as it relates to the project.

Since I have never built a train layout on my own before, this will be a process of learning and discovery.  I hope that this blog encourages people to try model railroading, help a fellow modeler out, and see what is involved for a novice to enter the world of model railroading.

Tomorrow, I will begin my first project:  a Delaware Lackawanna & Western hopper.


2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Hello. I too have an interest in the FJ&G. I have built a layout that included the area from Fonda to Gloversville. Unfortunately, due to family issues, I had to take it down. I do have a lot of documentation and knowledge about “our” railroad. Where do you live?
    I would suggest that in your “About” section you write a little about yourself. It makes the people with an interest in what you are doing feel closer to you.

    If I can be of any help, let me know. I will be following your adventure.

  2. Nice job ! I was the project manager that cleared the line of the old box cars in 1988. You should simulate the last run we made down the hill when we lost the air up by Commons Road ! Pretty exciting and fast trip. I was riding the snowplow which was the last piece of equipment out. We used a track mobile. Scott Gaffney and I climbed out the snowplow cupola and road on the roof over the High Bridge (that is after things got under control on the head end). The last run was either 4 or 5 box cars and the plow. I did not have a camera with me and tried to interest the “Leader-Herald” in coming down to capture the moment. They all but kicked me out of the office. No one was interested in the railroad and just wanted it gone.

    Doug Ellison

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