Introducing Broadalbin

Since my shelf layout will be replicating the town of Broadalbin, I thought I should take a post to introduce the prototype.  To do this, I’m using screenshots from Paul Charland’s Microsoft Train Simulator route.


Broadalbin is a small town at the eastern end of the Fonda Johnstown and Gloversville.  The line was completed in 1895 and remained the end of the line for the railroad’s history.  In the 1950s, it was serviced by one mixed train per day in the morning from Gloversville.  Here we are looking toward the east.

ImageThis is the Mohawk Asbestos & Insulation Company.  This  building later became Pinewood Sawdust.



Broadalbin Coal & Supply Co.  This industry supplied both coal and animal feed to residents and local businesses.

ImageThis was a feed and cement warehouse in the 1920s, but by the 1950s it was a private residence.

ImageSince Broadalbin was the end of the line, steam locomotives needed to be turned around.  However, the turntable was inadequate for the heavier steam locomotives and the diesels, so it was then used for turning snowplows.

ImageThe FJ&G Freight Shed was used by a variety of customers for different commodities.  One such customer was D & K Fiber.  Cotton waste would come in and shoddy wool would be taken out.


ImageBroadalbin Station is one of the few structures of the railroad that remains to this day.  It was from here that passengers could depart for Gloversville.

ImageThe Broadalbin Knitting Mill was a major industry in town until 1959.  It then became Mohawk Furniture.  The industry still stands but is now abandoned.

ImageThis is a warehouse for the Knitting Mill.

ImageThis is the end of the line.

ImageHere is a final view of Broadalbin.  Click here for some photographs of the FJ&G in Broadalbin.

In my next post, I will show my track plan.


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